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Expedited Shipping

Expedite Any Freight with Go2 Logistics

We offer expedited logistics shipping services designed to cater to the needs of any business that needs fast and reliable delivery of goods. Expedited shipping offers faster delivery times, priority handling, 24/7 tracking, and customer support.

Expedited logistics services are ideal for businesses that need to move their products or goods quickly, such as those in the food & beverage, consumer products, healthcare, retail, industrial, and automotive industries.

Depend on the Strength of Our Network

Because of our network, we can offer quick turn around time no matter where you’re shipping. We offer international and cross border services (for Canada and Mexico), and we use dedicated teams to make shipping as quick as possible. We have quick terminal-to-terminal turnaround in our metro locations. We offer final mile deliveries, so we’re sure to get your freight where it needs to go, even in a short timeline.

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When Every Minute Counts, Count on Go2 Logistics

Expedited shipping is unique to each customer — and that’s why we have a variety of solutions to get your shipment to its destination in the quickest way possible. Dedicated routes and line haul services mean we can ship metro to metro, yielding 3-4 day transit from Chicago to both coasts. We also offer team drivers to make ensure fast transit times.

Faster Delivery Times

Expedited shipping services offer faster delivery times than standard shipping services, because sometimes you have critical timelines you need to meet. We’ll deliver quickly and safely.

Customized Solutions

Delivery time, pickup, delivery locations, and packaging requirements can all be tailored to suit your specific needs and the needs of your shipment.

Priority Handling

We can ensure that your shipment gets priority, so you know your freight will arrive in the quickest way possible.

24/7 Tracking and Customer Support

Our 24/7 tracking and customer support ensures you can monitor the shipment’s progress and receive updates on any issues or delays.

Find Your Freight’s Perfect Match

We have the right equipment for your shipment, whether it’s straight truck, a temperature controlled reefer container, a 53-foot dry van, or even a sprinter van. We also cater to urgent or time-sensitive shipments that require faster delivery times or team drivers.

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