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Your Temp-Controlled LTL and STL Provider

If you need transport for frozen or refrigerated goods, fresh produce, or products that require temp protection, Go2 Logistics is the solution.

With our expansive carrier network of temperature-controlled truckload and LTL capacity, we provide unmatched access to temp controlled equipment where and when you need them.

Complex Temperature Solutions Made Simple

We offer temperature controlled shipping and consolidation, including intermodal shipping and multiple zones available for the same trailer or container. Need storage? Use our temperature controlled storage facilities, including warehousing. Have a tight timeline? We can meet it — expedited shipping and team drivers can get your freight where it needs to be, quickly.

Temperature Controlled Zones Include:

  • Dry Shipping
  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • Temp-protected

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    Specialized Equipment

    To ensure that the temperature requirements of your products are met during transportation, we use specialized temperature-control equipment and processes, including utilizing assets that are designed to maintain a specific temperature range throughout the shipping process. These assets are equipped with temperature monitoring devices that allow for real-time tracking of the temperature, ensuring that it remains within the required range.

    Handling & Storage

    In addition to the specialized equipment, temperature-controlled LTL shipping also utilizes strict procedures and protocols, including the proper handling and storage of the products before and during transportation, as well as the use of packaging materials that can help to maintain the temperature. Packing products in insulated containers or wrapping them in temperature-sensitive materials can help maintain the required temperature range.


    The temperature requirements for these products can vary depending on the specific type of goods being transported. Some food products may require refrigeration at temperatures between 32°F and 40°F, while other products may require freezing at temperatures below -10°F. Pharmaceuticals and chemicals also often require specific temperature conditions to maintain their stability and effectiveness.


    Temperature-controlled LTL and STL shipping is a critical aspect of the supply chain for many industries, as it ensures that temperature-sensitive products arrive at their destination in optimal condition, without spoilage or degradation due to temperature fluctuations. Go2 Logistics has the knowledge, equipment, and procedures to ship your temperature-controlled freight successfully.

    Get Peace of Mind with Tracking and Data

    The ability to check in with your shipment and access data about its location, timing, and temperature, means you can be confident in knowing your freight is safe. We use GPS to track the location of freight in real-time, so you’ll be able to get updates on your shipment. We provide instant document retrieval at pickup and delivery, so there’s no waiting to get the information you need.

    Industry-Specific, Temperature-Controlled Shipping

    If temperature-controlled, trustworthy shipping is critical to your business, choose Go2 Logistics for:

    • Food and beverages: We provide temperature-controlled environments so you can ship perishable food and beverage projects that arrive fresh.
    • Health and Beauty Aid: We maintain critical temperature ranges so retail H&BA products stay safe during shipment.
    • Pharmaceuticals: We know pharmaceutical products are highly sensitive to temperature variations, and we ensure they are not exposed to temperatures outside of their specified range.
    • And more: If you have a temperature-controlled shipping need, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done well so get in touch.

    Our Proven Process

    Book your shipment easily for the services you need instantly in our Customer Portal:

    • Packaging: We package products needing temperature control in insulated containers designed to maintain temperature throughout the shipment.

    • Monitoring: We monitor the temperature of products at regular intervals during the shipment using temperature sensors and data loggers. This data is recorded and can be accessed by stakeholders to ensure that the product remained within the specified temperature range.

    • Transportation: We transport temperature-controlled products in specialized vehicles such as refrigerated trailers or containers, depending on the distance and mode of transportation.

    • Storage: We store temperature-controlled products in warehouses or other storage facilities that are equipped with temperature-controlled environments to maintain the desired temperature range.

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